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Modular Exhibition Stands

Whether you are looking for a one-off bespoke installation, or are planning to attend a number of shows and want a stand to maintain consistency in brand and messaging. AI Exhibitions are expertly placed to work with you and produce a stand that will perfectly suit your requirements and budgets.

Your stand. Your way.

Modular exhibition stands offer a fully-redeployable and re-configurable solution, tailoring complete flexibility in layout, construction and execution that allows your brand to achieve the look and feel of a custom option, without the cost. By creating stunning exhibition designs that utilizes our market leading specialist exhibition display system, we can bring your stand to life to create a look and feel completely unique to your space and maximise the strength of your brand and product or service offering.

Modular Exhibition Stand For Braun

A modular stand construction allows for an endless variety of design options for your space that will really help you stand out amongst the audience, and by being fully re-configurable is also a great option for those that attend multiple shows as well as those who exhibit less regularly as all components for the hardware and graphic production elements can be re-utilised, achieving significant cost savings for future use, as well as creating very little waste, helping to preserve the plant and maximise reusable assets. By aligning our green initiatives with those of each of our clients, we ensure our common values work in parallel, making us the ideal delivery partner for any project, any size at any time.

We believe that taking the time to really understand each of our clients, to understand their business, market, service offering and client base to develop a design unique to their needs that will ensure all their goals and objectives for each exhibition is crucial in supporting each project and giving all of our clients the base from which they can truly thrive when exhibiting. By marrying our modular display system with reusable stretch fabric graphics, impactful AV and a range of lighting options, our system can be fabricated to be reflective of the messaging of every client whilst also displaying the uniqueness and personality of every single exhibitor at every single exhibition.

What is a Modular Exhibition Stand?

A modular exhibition stand is an installation that is designed and built utilizing pre-fabricated and hired components that can be re-used and reconfigured for future events.

By using pre-fabricated elements, we are then able to develop a booth design that really emphasises the value and benefits of your product or service, without breaking the bank. By utilising our in-house modular system, we can then create a layout bespoke to the needs of your stand space, and create stunning visual elements from the latest design software to create flawless graphic imagery to really raise your profile and help you stand out in a busy exhibition hall.

These hardware elements can support the use of AV from screen hire to showstopping LED walls, video walls and everything in between as well as more intricate elements such as recessed or bespoke shelving, modern and smart display units as well as creative lighting solutions to compliment your objectives for your booth.

The modular components are available in a range of sizes and shape that when combined will allow your booth to have a tailored and bespoke feel, without the cost that traditionally accompanies these.

Why should I choose a modular option?

The most common reason for choosing a modular option is their cost effectiveness when compared to a fully bespoke booth of the same design. As the structural elements are pre-fabricated, the booth is then designed to utilise as many pre-existing components as possible, whilst also ensuring the design and layout of the booth enhances the brand message and is laid out in a manner that will really help the team achieve their goals for the exhibition. This in turn saves your budget by keeping your production partner’s costs to a more manageable level in the build-up to the show, allowing you as the exhibitor to re-apportion extra budget to other activities. Win-win!

One of the other main benefits of utilising modular systems is the deployability of the graphic elements. All our graphics for this system are produced as dye-sub fabric graphics to ensure the artwork really pops but to also maximise the graphic area by going as close to the perimeter edge of the structure as possible. These graphics are then stored post-show, and in many cases are then able to be re-installed at further shows, making further cost savings if you are looking to exhibit at a number of different events!

This system is not only highly effective, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing to the customer on your booth, but through their re-usability, they also offer a much more environmentally friendly solution to a sector that has often struggled with its green credentials and by cutting down on individual elements and post-show waste, you too can play your part in the ongoing drive for sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Sounds great, what do I need to do next?

The starting point is to think about what you want to achieve from exhibiting at the show, what you need to have as part of your stand, and then how the look, feel and layout of the booth can help you achieve this.

For example, if you run a product-based business, how do you want your product to be placed in order to maximise its exposure to the audience at the show? If you have a shop for example, do you want to have a display unit that mirrors how your products are displayed in your shop to help create that brand identity and consistency in display and execution?

Are you looking to promote one particular product or a range? How does your target audience engage with the product – do you need an area to demo this on the booth? Are you looking to sell in bulk at the show? Or generate leads for post-show follow-ups? These are all areas to think about as these will impact not only the ergonomic layout of the booth but also other elements such as meeting areas or storage that you might also wish to include.

Similarly, if your business is service-based, how are you planning to advertise the benefits or solutions your service offers to the market? Would you need an engagement area to draw visitors to the booth? Again, would a demo area or showcase be something to think about?
Are colour schemes important? Does your business have an ethos or prevalent way of working that needs to be translated onto your booth?

Once you have this down, we can then start to really bring life to your vision and have a more detailed discussion around the specifics to create a space totally unique to you and your business.

How much does a modular exhibition stand cost?

This is not an exact science as the cost inevitably depends on your requirements for your space and there are areas that can be looked at to achieve cost savings where required. Here at AI Exhibitions, we usually include hardware, such as the modular framing elements, furniture & flooring, AV (Mounted TV’s in a range of sizes), graphic production and build and breakdown costs as individual line items in our budgets to give a clear and transparent cost breakdown for each project.

Costs are also impacted by the location of the event and crew/travel costs, build time and show services such as power, wifi or rigged elements as required.

A good rule of thumb, however, is to allow at least the same cost as has been allocated to pay for the booth space from the show organisers, to the cost of the build of the booth. After all, first impressions count and the booths are a reflection of your business and the quality and service that you provide, and you want to create the best impression possible, right?

What happens to the booth after the show?

Our production and build team come back to the venue to break down the booth, and these elements are then transported back to our production unit for storage. If you have chosen to keep any elements, such as the deployable graphics, these are stored with us FOC for 12 months, after which a monthly fee is applied thereafter.

By choosing this option, we ensure that your exhibition attendance process is as smooth as possible for each of our clients, and allows us to manage our client’s inventory of stock.

Every booth at every show is always pre-built prior to going out to the site, to reduce the risk of any delays or issues with the installation, irrespective of whether this booth has already been built and installed at a prior show.

What if I want to re-install some elements at another exhibition?

The simple answer to this, just let us know! We make every effort to ensure our exhibition stands are laid out and designed in a manner to make re-deployability as easy as possible moving forward and our expert design team can factor this requirement in at the beginning of each design process.

If we know at the front end of the project there is a requirement for other events then the booths can be configured so as to allow any graphic panels or customised display and furniture pieces developed can be stored and saved for future exhibitions, crucially saving marketing budgets as well as helping to work towards those all-important sustainability objectives.

As with anything upfront communication is key!

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We love nothing more than hearing from new clients and taking new briefs, with the chance to deliver an exhibition that will really make you stand out in a busy and congested exhibition hall. We make it our business to understand your business and strive to offer great design, unbeatable quality and a level of attention and detail that you deserve.

If you would like us to look at an upcoming project, or just want to discuss some options, drop us a note by filling out the online contact form and we can get the ball rolling on what we hope to be a long and successful collaboration!

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