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Custom Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Whether you are looking for a one-off bespoke installation, or are planning to attend a number of shows and want a stand to maintain consistency in brand and messaging, AI Exhibitions are expertly placed to work with you and produce a stand that will perfectly suit your requirements and budgets

Your stand. Your way.

For those looking to create a splash, a custom built exhibition stand can really give you the wow-factor.

Designed specifically to allow you to achieve your exhibition objectives, understanding your market and your brand, A.I. Exhibitions will work with you every step of the way to create something truly unique that will ensure maximum brand recognition. The beauty of custom-stands, whilst primarily for one-time only use, is that you start with a blank canvas and really work to visualize, conceptualise and create a booth space that attracts delegates, engages audiences and communication with your brand and product or service in a manner representative of your businesses’ quality and personality.

Custom exhibition stands can come in an ever-increasing range of size, shape and complexity and by working in conjunction with each of our clients to suggest design and build options in a collaborative manner, the role of AI Exhibitions is to support and facilitate amazing exhibitions at every opportunity to allow for maximum impact and maximum return.

Each component can be designed and fabricated from a multitude of materials, designed and engineered to your individual specifications – this will allow the specialist nature of your brand, messaging and exhibition requirements to be maximized in front of a key and engaged audience in a live event setting.

Where possible, all elements of a custom exhibition stand are kept and stored post exhibition with a view to re-purposing for future exhibition stands that will help ensure cost efficiencies in the medium terms as well as ensuring any waste in the pre-show production as well as onsite execution is kept to an absolute minimum.

Custom exhibition stand design and build for Fish4Pets

What is a Custom Exhibition Stand?

A custom exhibition stand is an installation that is designed and built to meet the needs of your business. This allows the stand to reflect the value and service you provide, emphasizing your brand identity and tone of voice in an innovative and unique manner to really who an what you are.

The stand is designed from scratch by our team of expert 3D designers, utilizing the latest design and software packages to ensure this fits the exact dimensions and layout of your exhibition space, whilst matching up to the initial brief as closely as possible, first time round.

If required, this can incorporate re-deployable and re-usable elements such as fabric graphics for wall structures, as well as in house AV, flooring and furniture from our rental stock to help with those all too important ecological considerations.

These stands can be blended in with customized shapes and display elements, cut or backlit logos or even LED walls to really enhance the impact of your booth in a manner unique to your stand.

A local partner with a global reach

As one of the UK’s leading exhibition production contractors, we design and produce exhibition stands that will really allow you to stand out from the competition. Check out some of the examples in our gallery.

We are not only about creating memorable spaces and brand engagement initiatives is. We believe this has to marry up with a first in class service, both in the lead up to, during and after your exhibitions, which is why we will work with you every step of the way to help advise on layout, graphic materials), furniture and flooring choices and lighting to create a space that fits your vision and ethos in a memorable and sustainable way

Since 2021 alone we have completed jobs in Nuremberg, Barcelona, Estoril, Miami, Dubai to name but a few, as well as many booths in some of our favourite UK venues such as London Excel, Olympia and the NEC.

Custom exhibition stand design and installation

We have a production and install team well versed in the challenges of working in venues both in the UK and overseas, which is why we will transport your custom stand to each and every event.

Before this however, our design team will work closely with you to ensure the stand reflects your requirements for the show, so as to allow us to have oversight on all pre-show production and fabrication as well as final build and execution of the stand at the show.

Whatever your event budget, location and requirements, our role is to work with you to deliver on time, on budget, exceed expectations and treat this booth as if it were our own – after all, it’s a reflection of us too!

How is a custom exhibition stand produced?

Traditionally, custom exhibition stands would have been made from a wooden structure that in many cases would have been a mixture of MDF, ply or chipboard with graphics produced to the specifications of the structure that would then be thrown away after the show.

Not only is this financially inefficient, it is also incredibly wasteful in terms of build materials going to waste. Not what we want whatsoever.

Therefore, by working with modular aluminum components, that are fully- redeployable, we can develop creative design concepts that can make the most of these elements, that can then be extended in height or width, to create a custom look and feel to the booth without having to re-fabricate and produce elements from scratch for each exhibition stand you require.

By working with you to identify which exhibitions you are attending and the nature of the spaces you have, we can then create a reduce assets that can be used, stored and the redeployed at multiple shows – building on that brand identity and consistency in execution to deliver a personalized and tailored exhibition experience.

These can then be supplemented with customised display features such as shelving unites, recessed or lit logos or bespoke fixtures and fittings that can come with a wide variety of finishes, for example spray, laminate or vinyl to really create a space unique to you.

How much would a custom exhibition stand cost?

How long is that piece of string again??

Cost is very much dependent on requirements for the space, materials, complexity of the design, labour time required for the transport, build and breakdown of the booth, event location as well as some more detailed costs such as any elements that are fabricated just for your use at our show.

What we do try to do is work with your team to create a solution that achieves your goals for the show, whilst not exceeding your desired budgetary figure. We achieve this by understanding yourselves as a business and your show brief to create a concept that can be fabricated, transported, installed and then broken down after the show, within the limits of your build budget.

A more cost efficient solution is to use modular components from existing stock for wall panels for example as this achieves a very similar effect, but also serves to free up some budget for any bespoke or custom pieces that will give your exhibition stand a really tailored feel.

What happens to the booth after the show?

Our production and build team come back to the venue to break down the booth, and these elements are then transported back to our production unit for storage. If you have chosen to keep any elements, these are stored with us FOC for 12 months, after which a monthly fee is applied thereafter.

We take every effort to ensure all assets are stored in a clean, dry and careful manner to allow these to be re-deployed at future events should you wish to do this. By choosing this option, we ensure the whoe exhibition attendance process is as smooth as possible for each of out clients, and allows us to manage our clients inventory of stock.

Every booth at every show is always pre-built prior to going out to site, to reduce the risk of any delays or issues with the install, irrespective of whether this booth has already been built and installed at a prior show.

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We love nothing more than hearing from new clients and taking new briefs, with the chance to deliver something truly amazing and truly custom for your exhibition stand. We make it our business to understand your business and strive to offer great design, unbeatable quality and a level of attention and details that you deserve.

If you would like us to look at an upcoming projects, or just want to discuss some options, drop us a note by filling out the online contact form and we can get the ball rolling on what we hope to be a long and successful collaboration!

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